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The Gallery of Unfinished Art (which will probably take a while to load, but it's worth it!)

These are all pieces for one reason I never finished... maybe I will one day.... maybe not...

There comes a time in ones life when someone realizes how truly lazy/un-motivated they are... I just happen to be lucky enough to have the proof!
           Basically, to explain why I never finish these pieces I would just have to say that, for the most part, I get an idea in my head and try to jot it down as best as I can. When I get it out on paper it's out of my head. So basically, I know what the finished part was going to look like. I know this sounds like a total cop-out, but it's true. I'm very busy with work and life and I just don't have the time to finish these things unless it was something that was commisioned and I was actually going to profit from it.... Send me money and I'll actually do something to completion... otherwise just enjoy it and see if you can tell where I was going with it and "quit-cher bitchin' " !!!!

(inspired by the song of the same title by GWAR off of their "Violence Has Arrived" CD

DJ Azazel logo
I did this for a a hardcore-techno mix CD when I was still DJ'ing under the "Azazel" name

"Chuck Schuldiner" of Death
The above and below picture were done for my own personal reasons, to cope with his passing...R.I.P.

..."we will miss you always"...

"The Aggressor"
Pen and Ink sketch concept art for another mix-cd I did under the name "The Aggressor"

"Old Mining Shack"

This picture is one that I really wish I could find the time to finish. Ball-point pen is my favorite medium. I promised my mother that one day I will finish this piece for her. I will at some point just not anytime in the near future.
(Many people have commented that my eye for shading and ability to get the level of realism that I do with a cheap-ass ball point pen is un-heard of. I basically respond that when I was learning how to do that...well, "I really should have been listening to my geometry teacher.")
Oh yeah.... all pictures on this site are copyrighted by myself and are therefore not allowed to be used without my permission. However, if you ask me really nice, more than likely I'll say yes... shit, I don't stand to make a profit off of it anyways!! I'm not that much of a tight-wad!